nickotymisprofile1 Nicolas Gosselin is an independent rap artist who goes under the artist name Nickotymis. Born in 1985, he has lived in Montreal/Canada and its surroundings for the entirety of his life. He has completed a bachelor degree in Human Environment and is currently pursuing a Masters in Environmental Impact Assessment at Concordia University.Nickotymis has up to date released two independent albums. The first is entitled The Path You Choose (2010) and the second Earth Tourist (2013). Though both albums were produced independently, they were recorded/mixed/mastered in a professional studio setting , resulting in a high quality product.  For the Earth Tourist album, Nickotymis has collaborated with many talented Montreal artists.

Nickotymis identifies himself as a careful and reflective lyricist, always being mindful not to compromise reason for rhyme when working on a song. Even if the music is taken away, the words on their own stand as a strong coherent body of literature. Every song has a unique theme or message, making his albums a diversified listening experience.  His music demonstrates an honesty, simplicity, insightfulness, vulnerability and humour which people of all ages and walks of life will appreciate and relate to. He is an artist unafraid to be human. One truly gets the impression that through his music, he is simply trying to make sense of the human journey through life. It is truly a diversified style of rap music which can be appreciated by all.