The Path You Choose (2010)

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Nickotymis Earth Tourist

Cycle Of Life featuring Michael Ben

Feeling so lost, and next minute you’re found

Like hell, I had enough of these ups and downs

So find that thing, to make you see the upside now

Turn you around, when you feel so upside down

Always have a good reason to do things

A shitty attitude if you act off mood swings

The mind is a devious thing, it rules you

Can make you loose a few screws, only if you choose to

It’s a small world, even more today

Cuz as we copulate, the world populates

That doesn’t mean that we gotta get in one another’s faces

We all need our own space and place

And as we age some pick up the pace

Like they be chased by death, so they be running a race

It’s scary, to think that we’ll be erased from this life

But to think otherwise, is to be laced in a lie



Now ask yourself or somebody you know

If someone close to them recently died

More than not they’ll probably say that’s so

And there you go, it’s the cycle of life, let’s go now

Follow your road, as the world keeps on turning be smart


Don’t have a goal, or you lacking a dream

Then you’re like a machine, you lead a life of routine

Everybody got their own thing, something they wanna do

Someone they wanna be, someplace they want to travel to

A sad truth, is when money don’t allow us to

But even sadder iss when money deprive children of food

Some are strong, when life isn’t fair

It’s written life rolls on, on the back of his wheelchair

You get good things, when you do good deeds

And that’s no matter your creed, or the god you believe in

Some believe things happen for a reason

But I, use reason to figure out what happened

A consequence from an action

I try to live my life free from any form of attachment

Make a lot of friends, form deep connections

And when that road ends, you reap the lesson




Want some fans, Jews or Christians

Dutch or Brazilian, anyone who wants to listen

Make some money, and I’m not talking billions

Not talking millions, just enough to make a living

That would be fitting, the earth keeps spinning

We keep filling our minds up with foul thinking

Looking at the ceiling, thinking what’s the purpose of life

Stop thinking, thinking what’s the use

Look at the elderly, with their swollen knees

Crooked backs, and in fact, I don’t feel pity

In this world of tragedies, at least they got to live

Yeah they’re suffering now, but hey, that’s how it is

Learn stuff, work hard, and you bust your butt

Then one day you die, and it was all for what

Hey, I don’t know, but I’m just fine

I can’t recall a time I had a stronger mind


Follow your road, that only you know, it’s your goal

So just go, I just finished my demo, step 1, chapter closed

Follow your road, as the world keeps on turning be smart


1. Cycle Of Life
Nickotymis ft. Michael Ben  


Started smoking weed, got influenced

Now he proceeds out of ignorance

I tell him stop it, but I can’t function without chronic

Well isn’t that the problem

Younger generation who believe in Allah and

Up in the club, sipping on dry gin, haha

Dancing with the cute girls, they got tempted by the new world

I do my loser on Friday night, finally I can read and write

When (Hey Nick wanna go downtown), ah damn, I’m down

And the next morning I’m still far from sober

Can’t do nothing cuz I got a hangover

Feel a drop in confidence, with an act comes a consequence

Start to get the sense, of the highs and lows, and we loath the lows

Some get high, when they’re feeling low inside

So low and behold, my feelings are known

I know I diss weed, but I smoked it, so I know

Find a wallet full of stinking cash

Should ya take it or bring it back

Or maybe do half and half, take the cash

Bring it back, and say that you found it like that

Pretty tempting huh, to do evil

That’s when you see if you’re mentally feeble

People do whatever like inject needles

For arms of steel, which appeal to their egos

And how about forbidden eating

Just ask Adam in the Garden of Eden

And even if I don’t believe in religion

Good example, and so you see



Temptations, they’re all around you

They’re everywhere, everywhere

So you better watch out, because they’re coming for you

They know you’re there, know you’re there

And I could see you struggling last night

So be mature and don’t act like

You don’t care, don’t act like you don’t care

You gotta change, or they will change you

So be prepared, be-be-be aware


See these hot girls, on the dance floor, should I stay or should I go

Maybe after one more rum and coke

So I can add to that hope, that I will not choke

Cuz I got no gust, when I know lust

Is enough to make any man go nuts

A cold rush, that flows through your body with more thrust

Than propellers on a mother boat, but hold up, cuz know what

I can control these temptations, sneaking up on ya patiently

The dedicated enemy, that you should avoid, but it’s bitter sweet

Like payback, on those straight brats

Who used to say that, you’d do gay acts

So many things that you and I’d do

Going through those crucial days of high school

Wants to fit in so he fights with him

Unaware that his fight’s within, but he wants to be cool now

My little man you should cool down, stick to the school ground

Don’t you ditch, unless you do with a few hot chicks

Let my words fly like an albatross, I just feel like mouthing off

So when it’s me in my room, my pencils and papers

I do myself a favour, and keep an eraser

So later, erase what I was tempted to say

But I know that was generated from hate or anger

And my style never wavers, this is the closest I’ll get

To a new club banger, write for my own vibe

And not the least lured in to be commercialized




Miss Phillouette just had a change of habits

Cigarette ashes, for nicorette patches

Smells the smoke as someone smoking passes

Oh my lord, just one more, and that’s it

Well obviously she hasn’t, cut the ropes of attachments

Cut the ropes for your own good, nobody said it was easy

If it is, you ain’t cutting the ropes, your loosening the cords

Forgetting they were attached

Until one day you feel a tug, something’s pulling you back

You’re getting attacked again by those old temptations

You thought they would leave with the medication

Nah, that ain’t it, try inner changing with meditation

Or any other way that can make you escape them

Man I’m telling you, these tem-tem-temp




2. Temptations

Different Roads

We all start off on an island, water’s freezing, winds are violent

Trying to see past the sea

Looking for a nice piece of land to plant our feet

Raise families, though to some degree, we can all agree

Though we all share different fantasies, our common obstacle

Not really knowing which way to go

Ini miny mo, what will it be, the future’s such a mystery

It’s a misty sea full of danger, strangers, some are filled with anger

Gator invaders with teeth, sharp as the blade of a thief

Ready to feast on ya, and of course I’m speaking metaphorically

Trying to leave behind some moral seeds, expressing myself orally

On my own track, when I feel trapped

Need to take a step back to see where I’m at

Earth keeps turning, and so does the clock

With a focused mind I make everything stop

When the future’s black, easier to get sidetrack

Than to fight back, why is that, we’re scared

No one’s prepared for the future, we’re fugitives from the present

For it’s what’s pleasant we used ta, the truth is

We let sensations induce us as soon as it suits us

With a mind that’s sort of Buddhist, I try

Not to get entangled, and see life from a different angle

Staring right in the face of the truth, feel smooth

For the truth I can handle, I’m not fooled by the shadows casted

Don’t believe shit when I don’t understand it

So I’m the boss, rather die lost in my thoughts than die soft


Chorus 2x

So many different roads, which one is for me yo

Unless I walk them to and fro, then how am I suppose to know

So, what’s the point of rushing forward

If I don’t know, where it is I wanna go


Feeling kinda low, take a stroll, weather below zero it’s cold

Inhale O2 inside my mouth, exhale from my nose, steam comes out

Beautiful night, cloudless sky, look at the stars and wonder

Who am I, what am I, what if I died, what would it matter at most

I’m just a particle, part of a powerful natural cycle, yo

We’re just some dominoes, the universe is so phenomenal

A true good friend died not too long ago, what a huge blow

I loved him so, but what else can I do but take it and grow

And I do try to help a friend, but I know he ain’t listening

Thinking I’m trying to inflict in him, some discipline

So he gets offended, hey the truth hurts

But it works to go from worst to better

Because of it I’m more clever, feels like I became a go getter

And I really did try to go get her

Now I want to forget her, what is that you did to me

You can’t give back what you took from me

Some girls are so selfish, they deal with their misery

By bringing down another dude, and do it so deliberately




What will it be, which career, medical school, an engineer

Work in a federal bureau, who knows, what path you’ll choose

Can’t always do what you like, gotta like what you do

It’s always a question of revenue

As long as it brings out the best in you

Money money money don’t get seduced

Some only think about their dick and dough

Damn they’re so egotesticule, make a little money, and Pouff

Just like that they forget their roots

Staring at a girl I thought I knew, lost her way on the avenue

When did she become a prostitute, got seduced by the leather boots

We’re like a rock in a sling shot

Ever since birth we’ve been cocked, all we can do is aim and fly

But never know which place we’ll drop

Only control you got, control over your thoughts

Some get so caught in pot they’re higher than an astronaut

I’m a quiet dude, and the last thing, I wanna do

Is intrude in the life of the youth, by filling some shoes

But not enough people speak the truth, they’re are just confused

I can see it in their eyes, they’re full of cold lies

Follow that voice inside, it’ll be your guide




3. Different Roads

Rainy Days featuring Dion D’Cunha and Michael Ben

You see below France, they’re trying to reproduce the big bang

With highly technological devices

In hope they might find what’s called the god particle

Science’s missing ingredient, will further prove

This religion we believing in, is for comfort and convenience

Be lenient, to this atheist, who ain’t immediately

Subjugated by what, religion helps alleviate

Better turn the page, knowledge awaits, what’s this here, page 98

In 3000 Bc, a human race rose, later erased, from what I’m told

The ancient and old, Maya civilization’s downfall

Overpopulation, droughts, and inner wars out of control

What if we were to combine forces, not led by the blind forces

Through the course of history

It’s been the same like this song’s chorus

Gotta change the course of the asteroid, they call Apophis

If like predicted, in years to come it could be headed straight for us

But with great forces, like the nuclear bomb

We can prolong being earth’s tourists, until we move on



These rainy days, they’re oh so gray

Nothing but rain, and clouds all day

So I pick up a few

National geographic, pass the time, stimulate the mind, then

Maybe my blues, will go away


Below the south of Mexico, in search of a better livelihood

Some leave their homes, walk the woods, jump on trains

Get caught by crooked cops and bribe away their goods

Gotta keep an eye out for the thieves

Bandits, that will charge a fee

Only so the family can proceed in trying to rich their freedom

Which would be the US border, and even after passing it

They have to hope that they don’t get deported

It’s really quite horrid, right now I’m sort of feeling more fortunate

About my life, then I did before, and

In Indonesia, locals believe, a spiritual leader, volcano gate keeper

Keeps them safe, so he’s the peoples anaesthesia

But the government’s screaming, it’s gonna blow you fool

But he just won’t move

We living in a nature killing money market

The world, turned to turmoil, once we turned oil into profit

With such a high rise, of carbon dioxide

We jeopardize our lives, bye bye




Wow, I’m on alert mode now

Just get load of what they call a supernova

Every single second, a star explodes to cause a glow that’s close ta

A billion suns, and if even just one

Triggered a few light years from here, then this earth would be done

I’m getting ready to run, I think I just felt a gust

Yeah we can mess it up, but nature will always overpower us

Like when these continental crusts, which now are underlying us

Collide and crush, they form, these mountains that over tower us

I didn’t know that a black pharaoh

Took control of Egypt in a battle long ago

Became the man, coming straight from Sudan

They got more pyramids erected there today than on Egyptian land

An ant can snap its jaw, faster than you think

Precisely 23 hundred times, the speed at which you blink

I know these rainy days, in many ways, can throw your day away

But hey, flip a page, keep your brain awake


Thinking bout these rainy days that come

Nothing but the haze, that shades the sun

And I know that I should turn this day around

Keep the rain from showering me down

Yeah, well I guess what I’m trying to say is

You will never control Mother Nature, even if you date her

She’s an earth shaker, a hot lava sprayer

So what you gonna do, your stuck in your house, got nothing to do

Never mind the YouTube, facebook, even TV

You know, get creative, productive

Spend some alone time, in your own mind

So if there’s something you wanna know, go search and you’ll find

Cuz most knowledge is acquired by a curious mind


4. Rainy Days
Nickotymis ft. Dion D’Cunha & Michael Ben  


Yeah, this song is for you, but you’ll never know who you are

Cuz I leave no clues in this song, what’s wrong, I got the blues

I’m feeling low, but everybody does some times

Dealing with these fragile minds, oh my, oh my, let’s go


Now what the hell’s a guy suppose to do, to get close to you

Tell me, I promise, it’ll stay between us two

I didn’t lust you, I liked you, and that’s so true

Cuz I’ve never felt so low before

Because of a door closed, I’m about to explode

Like that last drop that makes the vase overflow

This is not what I’m used to

Mood swings so unpredictable I’m afraid of the future

Been running after you, in my crazy mind

At least if it was physical, it’d be good exercise

I see you everywhere, in girls with the same hair

Same colour coat, same height, and aside from that

I dream about you, wake up excited without you

Damn what is it about you

I could brush you off if you weren’t worth it

But you sure are, so this scar, only worsens



Life sucks, when the going gets tough

This ain’t much, but yet, I’m feeling so messed up

Think about you, then I get an adrenaline rush

Am I going nuts, for my secret crush

But enough is enough, now step up off of that ledge man

Just wanna let you know that you’re beautiful

Don’t wanna let you go and that’s even though I


Feel kind of bad with all the drama in the world

That I’m feeling so sad because of troubles with a girl but

The mind is the mind, and misery is misery

Whether we be rich or poor, of course there’s different degrees

To which a human being, may bleed internally

What’s disturbing me, this feeling of unworthiness

I’m feeling paranoid, I can’t avoid all these voices

Giving me choices, yo Nick

These thoughts pop up, you can’t control that

All you can control is the way you react

I know that, shut the hell up conscience

I’m conscious of that, so enough of your nonsense

Forgot my cellular phone, back home

Now I wanna go back in case you call me

What’s it going to take to calm me down

Get my feet back upon the ground

I was so sure, that you and I

Were gonna connect, and have sex for a period of time

But once again burned, and all I earned

Is another lesson learned, as this world turns




Some things never come to an end

Cuz some things just never begin so

What’s my next move, should I play it cool

Or, should I go after you


Never mind that, I’m pass the climax

With time you unwind, and you find your mind back

Nothing lasts in this world of attachments

In love with that girl until the next one passes

But you, I really like you and that’s why

We can never be friends until I marry or die

It’s kind of retarded

My run is done, and you ain’t barely know I started

Why’s it got to be so complicated

Got me contemplating, is it a game we’re playing

I wouldn’t play games cuz I wouldn’t use ya

Let’s not forget all games involve a looser

I’m not accusing ya, I’m confused

I’m alluding to the fact, you were giving me clues

It’s alright that you changed your mind

I’m just a victim of the hands of time

One day when you’re old and grey

You may regret the chance that you threw away

I’ll be a phone away, and if I’m still available

We’ll go away on a holiday

I’m a shy guy, speak with my pen

Quiet on the outside, but loud within

So if you’re listening please understand

You’ve done nothing at all, it’s my own downfall


I don’t think I’ve ever liked a girl as much as I like you

Give me a chance and you’ll like me too

If my face appears on TV, maybe you’ll like me

So help me, record labels and sign me

All I need’s an opportunity to get close, but life goes on

Just live and let live baby, go different ways

I’ll go mine, go yours, until the grave

I will live and let live, until I’m burned to ashes

Do the best that I can, to cut the ropes of attachment


5. Explosion

Back in Time

Hey hello my friend, how are you/ Welcome to my shop,

how may I be of service to you/ Huh, you have any offers for me

/ Well , we have many Hindustani movies, we have

Bunty Aur Babli and Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai, they’re classics/ You

know I’m not really looking for movies, wait what’s that over

there/  You know that’s not suppose to be there, don’t mind it/ Nah

nah, nah what is it, it looks pretty interesting/ This is a very

dangerous item, it was passed down from my papa and many papas

before that, it permits you to travel through time, it is a time

travelling machine/ Interesting/ Now tell me, what would you do

with this anyway/ Oh I can think of a few things


I’d go back and talk smack to Genghis khan

Diss up his mom then run, try finding me

‘Til he forgets about his dynasty

I’d snatch the apple off the tree that made Newton think of gravity

Discuss deep ass philosophies with Socrates

Only to see obviously, he was smoking lots of weed

Hey, it’s 3 toke pass, I’d shove Louis 14 into a bubble bath

Near the Titanic, I’d scream don’t go (Shut up)

Alright, whatever floats your boat, I’d go from coast to coast

And let the whole world know, just what I know right now

And change the whole world flow

Yeah I’d learn peace from Buddha

Head up to the future and pass it on to count Dracula

Warn Che before that he got caught

Take the bullet for Gandhi before he got shot



Thinking I could go back, just to go back

See what’s going down

But if I could go back, change a few facts

What would the world be now

I’d go back and forth, all across the globe

I’d do some stupid things, but do some good too so

Hey, it’s all good, it’s alright, let’s go back, back in time


I’d chill with J.R Tolkien, and toke one, sit and sip on a cold one

Convince him some hobbits, won’t captivate no one

Before the white men comes, with the gun

From the top of my lungs, I’d yell run

To the Native Indians, as for General Custer

I’d put some poison in his supper, that mother(watch your mouth)

Right before the war went down

I’d sneak in Hitler’s room and slip him on an orange gown

That’d surely hurt his credibility, looking like a pretty little lady

I’d scream, get out the way, to the people in Pompeii

Tell Columbus, you’re going the wrong way

Chill with the cavemen, hook up with a babe, damn

Nah, I’d introduce them to shaving

Sit at King Arthur’s round table and cash in

Some info, then snitch to the Saxons




I’d go back with the intent to disappoint

Stuff chamberlain at his 98th point

Mister Di Vinci, fuck the Monalisa

Do me instead, I’ve got nicer features

Disguised as a crafter, I’d put the slick moves on Cleopatra

Then after I’d ask Caesar, who’s the master

Well I’ll be damned, tell the Egyptians, Hatshepsut, isn’t a man

Go back as a rich boy, buy Freud as my toy

And make him psychoanalyse any girl of my choice

Share a few beers with Shakespeare, and cheers ‘til we get drunk

And make him use his smooth tongue, so that I can get some

I’d follow Jesus Christ as a silent witness, get some better wisdom

Of where, religion really originated to then, disintegrate and create

Different faiths that ‘til this day, still generate hate



So you’re gonna sell it to me or what

Nah Nah buddy, you’re crazy, this is impossible

Ah come on, I’m so excited here, please

Stop it, you must leave, I do not like the rap music, but hey

tell your friends about me please.


6. Back In Time
Nickotymis ft. Dion D’Cunha  

Through My Own Eyes ft. Dion D’Cunha

Woke up in the morning, I’m feeling sorta low

My good friend died not too long ago

And that’s a new road I’ve never been down before

But one thing’s for sure, I’m feeling more mature

I’m checking life on a different scale

I see well beyond the small details, if you sell

Sea shells by the sea shore, and you feel secure, then why not

Do what you got to do and let them look on

They’re piercing, penetrating your clothe, straight to your bones

Let them be gone, it’s cool, you belong they’re wrong to judge you

What defines you, is inside of you, and not beside you

Besides who, ever tries to deprive you

From feeling good, put aside, some will do you right

Some will do you wrong, cuz they’re suffering inside

It’s alright, your bright, you’ve got the sun in you

6 billion world wide, there’s only one of you


If I can keep a smile, in spite of my trials, and troubled times

While people do me wrong in my life

Then I see myself through my own eyes

Your mom feels you, not cuz she’s your mom

Cuz she knows you, aware of most things that you go through

And that’s oppose to those who just suppose to

Judging by your clothe, think they know that they know you

If we were all the same, same walk, same talk

Wouldn’t that be lame, cuz everybody does their own thing

The world becomes a lot less boring, that’s a sure thing

I learned that from exploring, walking in these streets

Nobody notices me, I travel overseas and feel like a celebrity

So many men befriended me, some saw me as the enemy

I never let it get to me, I know my true identity

And that won’t change, from coast to coast

And that just goes to show, that you know your fly

When their reactions to your actions doesn’t compromise

The way you see yourself, through your own eyes


I’m feeling extra fly, by looking at myself through my own eyes

I can tell you why, I feel a full control that even gold can’t buy

My man, stuck in a whirlwind, ‘til the world ends

Cuz he just got dumped, by his new girlfriend

Yeah, you’ll be hurting, but you’ll get over it for certain

For sure when it’s the first person, you really liked

Then it’s hard huh, you got scared up, just cuz you got caught up

In due time then we get a little smarter, at least I hope

There’s harder times to come, gotta learn to cope

Cuz even when you lost it, you gotta be cautious

By thinking you’re the hardest, you’re mistaking what soft is

Family barbecues by the porch

It’s just sending out good vibes, that’s most important


7. Through My Own Eyes


Misery, what have you done to me, see

At different point in times are we weak minded

That’s normal, but what isn’t is, when we don’t mind it

Now what the hell happened to my happiness

Half of it has vanished, was it by accident or have I had a hand in it

This turbulent mind’s in a constant state of havoc

When negative thoughts manifest, but how do I manage it

And all across the globe, people are feeling miserable

It’s like we’re interconnected, cuz when somebody gets close

It’s like these vibrations are present, and they can be consumed

That’s why a negative person, can suck the life out of the room

Feeling pumped, get some liquor, mix it up with seven up

The alcohol mixed with the blood

Before you know it a fight blows up

And nobody wants to give up, like they got something to prove

But they gave up their minds, and that makes them a looser

Time to redefine what soft is, it would be so much better

If I kept my mind under surveillance 24/7

Be in control to choose, look what emotions do

They get the most of you, what am I suppose to do


Hickory dickory doc, when will the misery stop

Even if sometimes it goes, it’ll come back to the top

Living an emotional rollercoaster you know until

You don’t give a damn about it

It’s a cyclical thing, 24 years in this life, the advice I can bring

Is to work for your happiness, don’t ever try to force it

And by running from your misery, you’re running right towards it

Some say to understand the fun, you got to witness the pain

Like you wouldn’t appreciate the sun, if it wasn’t for rain

That’s true, if it’s only when life goes wrong

That you’re fully aware and you don’t care

When you’re peacefully, breathing this air

At times, mess with my mind, to fill up a void inside

That’s why, I’ll picture people that’d cry, after I die

Try to suppress my misery, but it’s like

If I’m going down little coward then you’re coming down with me

When I close my eyes and try to sleep

That’s when I see my mind is weak

No control over where it’s going

Trying to escape the present moment

How to eliminate the bad components

Dwelling inside, well I’m working on it

But chronic malpractices keep me from being self honest

So many ways, tragedies come to take place

A plane collides the world trade, or suddenly the earth shakes

Aids, cancer, poverty, celebrities who cant handle

Fame and money properly, it goes on constantly


How can I say, that I’m in control of my thoughts

When often they mislead me

At times I don’t need the things I want

And I don’t want the things I need

Will I be free, if the seeds that I plant in my mind

Are the kind, that help to grown green grass

Need to extract the bad weeds from the past

But rest assure with time they’ll pass

Looking at my path, wanna understand

What went wrong, why I feel so bad

What can I do, to get out of a slump

That I happen to feel on a regular basis

Feels like I’m always chasing peace

Like a man in a wasteland seeks an oasis

Had enough of this misery, it won’t affect me if I face it

I’m getting lyrical, and analytical, about being miserable

So am I critical, Yes, but am I cynical, No

To control the mind is difficult, cuz life is unpredictable

A knock on my door, Jehovah witnesses, OH

So what’s their goal, do they want to save me, or save their soul

To different length will people go to deal with life

We’re all looking for a way, but we take different roads



8. Misery

Break The Routine

Yay, another day begins, time to wake up, I dress up

Open up the door to my car and buckle up

Shift the clutch, into reverse, an early bird

Going to work earlier, or, I’ll be stuck in Traffic

And on my way, I wave a, goodbye to my neighbour

I’ll see you later, alligator, put the cd in the cd player

Straight vibing, before my 9 to 5, inside of an asylum

Spot road kill on the side of the street

It’s a sign, if I get off track, then that could be me

And that can have a double meaning

My troubled conscience competing, on which meaning

Should I be leaning towards, intervening

Is a sight I see daily, a fork in the road

One way is going to work, the other, who knows

Whatever, damn the work, and school books to get smart

Today, damn the routine, I’m looking for a fresh start


And there you go, taking a break from the repetitive life I know

This routine will break you down, so I’ll be heading out of town

Say goodbye for now, so I can take it slow

And I can do what the hell I want

This routine will make you drown

So why not take this opportunity to turn this day around

I’m thankful, my tank’s full, rotate my ankle

Put more pressure, on the pedal, let’s go, I handle

The wheel with one arm, keep and eye on the road

The other eye, scoping out, what the scenery unfolds

Many trees, big fields, small hills, really

That stuff is pretty, when you live in the city

Now childhood memories come to surface

Those days playing the nature were worth it

I find myself driving fast, cuz I fell more detached

From the past, with every, kilometre passed

Open the window, and in blows, the wind on my skin

Oh how it compliments this feeling of freedom within

I feel a feeling of bliss, and I can’t control it

Oh shit, it’s my boss, and I know he’s gonna flip

Yo Rick, (Hold it, where the hell did you go Nick)

Don’t trip, I was sick, and went on a road trip


Through an opening within the trees, I spot some blue

Ooh, it’s a lake, cool, and that’s where I’m going to

Park the car, near the street, reach the lake, wet my feet

Take a leak inside the lake, and bake underneath the summer heat

Strip because it’s getting hotter, skips some rocks across the water

Time passes, while I’m unbothered, like there was no tomorrow

Now this is living it up

But so many never get to live the life they wanted

Take five, and find five people outside

Ask them to describe, what’s a beautiful life for them

A fine wife, five kids, money and diligence

Most of the time, 4 out of 5, ain’t living it

Maybe it’s the ignorance, never took a second

To realise what they have, always looking for perfection

It’s getting dark, and I’m frightened

Nothing like going home, after a day of excitement



9. Break The Routine

Switching Places

This song right here, is inspired from my trip in Asia

I saw a lot of things, that changed my whole life

You know and I always though, if we could switch places

With the people who live in poverty

Then we would see life a different way

Struck deep, looking at some babies sleep on the fucking concrete

And I, can’t help but the think, what would I be

If we switched places, good gracious, replacing

All my life luxuries, by a pair of jeans, and some broken dreams

Nothing would seem like it ever seemed

Self-esteem to a low extreme

And I wanna scream, because, I think about it all the time

Ever since my trip, poverty never leaves you indifferent

My little man, I remember seeing you

Looking up, looking down, looking oh so blue

Looking lost with a frown that was oh so huge

Where’re your folks, not around to comfort you

Gotta hunt for food, gotta take care of your sister too

If I was in your shoes, what would I do god damn

I’d really get to see how strong I am

From a boy to a man in a short span, no plan

But surviving with poor hands, my whole life changed

When I saw that shit, imagine if I was living it

Chorus 2x

If I could switch a switch, which would switch us places

See a different way would, bring about some changes

Hey, a life exchange between the poor and richer

If I could switch up with ya, I would probably get the picture

It’s not fair, look at that tourist over there

Fresh pair of underwear and shit to wear

Wonder if he’s aware of my despair

Must be a millionaire living care free

Geez wonder if he could switch places with me

Only temporarily, so I could proceed to live merrily

Get a girl to marry me, nah, instead I’m stuck on these streets

When foreigners pass by me

And I ask for a treat, they get mad at me

It’s not even for me, it’s for my family

My little baby sister’s barely 3, shit

Put a little money in my pocket, I promise I’ll never see misery

Saw a rich girl weep, I’m like please, you got everything you need

How much more could you ask for, if I could transform

My life and press fast-forward, pass the black storm

To a nice relax warm period, where life is less serious

Less delirious, living like this will make any human being furious


Some can’t stand being confronted with the poverty

But as for me it triggered something down deep in me

You know the feeling you get when you’re at the funereal

And you sorta know things will never be the way they were before

My little man, only 5, trying to survive

Now I’m watching kids cry, over a kinder surprise

Sort of surprised at some of this younger generation

The first destination they’d pick is places like Las Vegas

Misery cages, aged prostitutes with face lifts

I’d rather much be face with, people more audacious

Let’s bring it back to the basics, get our minds out the matrix

Separate our mind from matter

And keep in mind what really matters



10. Switching Places

Spring Time

Now everybody has their favourite season

Like their favourite seasoning, on some food that they’re eating

And I look at the trees, and all the colourful leafs

And I feel like spring time, is the time for me

Something about the ambiance, cuz people’s responses

To autumn, ain’t often, as awesome, as they are to spring

It’s the renaissance, the rebirth, when all the plants and seeds burst

Better get my t-shirt ready in case of a heat surge

Can’t put my finger on it, something about that O2

So smooth, and it feels so good to be breathing

Cuz the breeze, you breathe in, in spring season

Is so go damn appeasing, therapeutical, leap out my cubical

Sounds sound more musical, and girls look more beautiful

It’s just that air, that spreads seduction

It’s the season of lust, and reproduction

But that don’t come without repercussions

Concussions caused by jealous couples scuffling

But-but-but that ain’t my problem, bo-bo-bottoms up

Free like a bird, coming back with his whole flock


Uh, I’m such a lucky son of a-uh, to live in a place like this

But when I’m feeling down, and I’m low and blue

There’s only one season that comes through, and that’s why

Winter, spring, summer or fall, which one do I like best of all

It’s gotta be spring, ha ha, spring time

All the people get together and everything’s fine

Different aromas make their way to my nose

I smell skunk, is that weed, or the animal

I best change course, cuz I don’t want to get spread on

Or be tempted, to smoke that grass that gets sprayed on

Da-da-days are way longer than winter, less people online, all kinds

Start popping out outside, and spring means playoff time

If we make them, if not then it’s chaos time

Like when those birds chirp, in the AM, they wake me

Angry, I grab my sling shot, and go crazy

Nah I’m just teasing, skunk, racoons and birds

Shitting turds in my backyard, are welcome in my backyard

But when I hit my trashed yard

With the garbage bag ripped by some claws, I’m just like darn

But one whiff of that O2, can smooth even the darkest mood

That’s so true


You got the Brittneys, Cindys and Julies, that are trying to get tiny

They wanna make sure that they fit in last year’s bikini

And of course, yeah, cuz why not, summer’s coming up

Most of us men go nuts, trying to get beefed up

Plain and simple, single people hit the bingo

With winter you get the jingles, in spring time, it’s time to mingle

Better get my whistling skills on, I’m rusty

It’s not what I hoped it to be, but hopefully

I’ll have it totally under control shortly

But most importantly for me, is to get going aerobically

I see my momma in the garden, planting all sorts of lilies

I can play bball outside and keep my forty chilly

Not too hot or cold, so it’s suitable

For the naked aboriginal, or the Eskimo

You got the nice warm sun, and the breezy wind

And everybody wants to be your friend, and that’s spring



11. Spring Time

Time Keeps On Flying By ft. Michael Ben


Time keeps on flying by

And I only have hundred years to live

In a flash I get old, then I die

Cuz I only have hundred years to live

With a hundred years, come a hundred tears

And a hundred fears, and attachments, for irrelevant things

And the present passes so fast everything’s like a past event

Gotta cope with absences, from accidents and old age

So better practice abstinence, from actions that bring more pain

It’s just literally your brain, perceiving, analysing, scheming

Dreaming, hating, craving reason, suppressing your inner demons

And what I’m trying to emphasize, is the importance of a pure mind

It’s a gold mine, but when misused it turns into a coal mine

Seeing that I can’t control time, slow time, or add more time

To the clock then I better pick it up, do stuff

That I really wanna do no matter what

I wanna be an astronaut, observe the earth in total shock

Maybe an archaeologist, discover old frozen carcases

But I’m happy I was born artistic, not autistic, not often sick

Not lost and soft like fanatics, my health is good, my life is rich

And everybody wants to know, where do we go after death

That don’t cause me stress, I just live my best

And let karma, take care of the rest


Time keeps on flying by, and I only have hundred years to live

In a flash I get old, then I die

Cuz I only have hundred years to live

But at times I wonder, what if I, only had one single year to live

Like a bird I’d spread my wings and fly

Cuz I only have one year to live

It’s improbable, I’d be methodical

Nah I’d go with the flow, like a particle

Flowing down in a river so powerful, that I’m basically unstoppable

Hit a fork in the road, and just flip a coin

Cuz I ain’t got time to stop and go

Go see the people who I shared that vibe with, that’s indescribable

Like Ovagym, I remember him, I’d visit him that old Asian

Who I haven’t seen recently

And he was just like a grandfather to me

So many places that I want to see

I always love to change atmospheres

Where would you like to go my dear

Just get me the next plane out of here

Hike through the jungles, check for tigers

Walk besides the Great Wall of China

Do the kind of things that define ya

Instead of trying to just find vaginas

Fuck a TV, PC, CD, VCR, MP3

Basically, I’d stay away from most technologies

Sit down and read anthologies, dig astrology

Trying to reach the deepest part of me

Conversate with calm comradery

If I’m a bitch at times then pardon me

With one year until I cease to exist

I’d speak my mind all the time

Wouldn’t be scared to fall off the cliff

Or take a contemplated risk, like the alchemist


No time to waste, reach for the sky

Cuz I only have one year to live

Like a bird I’d spread my wings and fly

Cuz I only have one year to live

But at times I wonder what if I

Only had one single day to live

Close my eyes and try hard not to cry

Cuz I only have one day to live

Every second is precious, like fresh water

What would I do, well, for starters

Close my eyes until the room gets darker

Meditate until my mind gets sharper

Stay in that position ‘til my pain drifts farther

Untie all the knots so I’m less caught up

And when I feel less bothered, gather my father

Brother, mother, and both her daughters

And bring it back to basic living, laughing, crying, chilling

No point in trying to do a million things just tripping

Running around like a headless chicken

But who knows, maybe I’d go loco, but one thing’s for sure

If it was somebody, that I adored

Instead of me, then it would hurt me more

I’m being sincere, my only cause for fear is for my closest peers

In that single day, the only tears I’d shed

Is for the sorrow I’d make after I’m dead

Might even get rebellious

Jealous of the people that get to relish life

Get pissed off, smash my fist on shit, then throw a fit

Then calm down, weather the storm

I know myself and it wouldn’t last long

Cuz I wanna go easily

Yeah I always hoped that I would die peacefully

Feel the life inside living me, hopefully I wouldn’t feel no sorrow

Finally I’d understand that moto

To live your life like there’s no tomorrow



12. Time Keeps On Flying By
Nickotymis ft. Michael Ben  

Dead Or Alive

Hey yo, can anybody hear me

It’s been 3 months since my car got smashed

That’s when I bashed my head on the front dash

Leaving a blood bath, I shouldn’t of drove fast

But there was no hospital, I know, how is it possible

I’m sitting on this roof top, fucking invisible

Far from a miracle, this marry go round

I’m feeling lost and hysterical, I’m spiralling down

I tried to drown myself inside the deep ocean

Hoping if I stayed motionless, I’d choke and just, disappear

Tried jumping off a cliff, got scared, started to fly

Yeah I’ve always wanted to fly, but I never wanted to die

If I’m dead then what am I, if I’m not then why can’t I

Commit suicide, or walk besides my mom, rather live and die

Then live a life like this, which could happen to most

Now don’t you tell me that’s impossible, you’ve never been a ghost


Hey yo, can anybody hear me, Hey yo can anybody hear me

Hey yo, can anybody hear me, HHEEYY YYYOOO

I’d give the world to feel a warm embrace

To feel the wind upon my face

I wanna know, what the hell’s going on

Cuz I can’t get one question out of my mind

I keep on wondering if I’m dead or alive

To pass the time, I do whatever, like I went to my old class room

And saw a girl I used to like, then after school I

Followed her, for several kilometres, all the way to her house

Into the shower, where I was watching her, wash her body

I wanted her, wishing that I had some hands to fondle her breast

Yes, I’m so obsessed

Have an appetite for literature, go to the library

Stand behind people patient, read the book, as they flip the pages

Do what it takes to escape the craziness, I was an atheist

My whole life, how do I explain this

It was crazy what I did last week

I shot up pass the sky, beyond earth’s gravity

And saw an art gallery

Of galaxies that Galileo would have died to see

Yet every morning at 3, I fly over my roof top

Too scared to go inside, I just might die another time

If see my mother cry


Hey yo, can anybody hear me, Hey yo can anybody hear me

Hey yo, can anybody hear me, HHEEYY YYOO

I’d give the world to talk to those I miss

To feel a kiss upon my lips

I wanna know, what the hell’s going on

Cuz I can’t get one question out of my mind

I keep on wondering if I’m dead or alive

Haven’t been home since the crash went down

I tried everything and nothing worked, I’m going home now

Here I am, it’s the moment of truth

No need to go through the door, I stick my head through the roof

Momma is there cooking the food that I like

The salmon mixed with the rice, and all I want is a bite

Wanna whisper in her ear, momma I’m here

But I fear, I’d interfere, turn her life into fear, OH

Frank is home, let’s see what’s going on

He’s rapping along, to what used to be my song

I fucking wish I could write and rap cuz like that was the bomb

But I got no hands, paper or beat, my dad must be asleep

No he’s meditating, and his focus is deep

He looks so peaceful to me, it’s like the least I can be

Is happy, but I feel crappy, jealousy and envy

Like why can’t that be me, but actually was stupid of me

To come to a place, where I used to be free

Where I used to be me, where I used to be me

Someone at the door, it must be Alissa (AAHHH)

(Alissa what’s wrong?)..(Mom I just saw Nick)

She saw me, how did she see me

I’m going, I’m never coming back


13. Dead Or Alive

I Don’t Understand featuring Dion D’Cunha

There’s a lot of things, that I don’t understand

And amongst other things


I don’t really understand how some can, develop a mind state

Thinking it’s cool, to raise the crime rate

Some will only violate laws because they have to

With no food or cash, it’s more understandable

The world’s a vertical steep cliff, sometimes are feet slip

I will never understand a man that can rape kids

I was raised to be tolerant, but that I can’t swallow it

I can’t conceive how to deal with it

I got my vision on a girl and she’s real vivid

Is she committed, and if she ain’t will I displease her

If I creep up, like nice to meet ya, how bout a ma-margarita

Got the plan, but as soon as I talk, I freeze up

Like a kid in a candy shop, with a visa, uh

Will I create magic, or split, like tight jeans on a fat chick



I don’t understand, why we choose lust over love

I don’t understand, why we’re prisoners in our freedom

I don’t understand, I never did, I never will, I can’t

I don’t understand


And I’m so, totally clueless about the universe

So diverse, with cosmic, objects, it’s just so complex

I can’t even imagine, I’d give a king’s ransom

If I had it, to be blasted, in to outer space, faced with the planet

Watch it rotate, feel my whole weight vanish

I look at the stars with a focused glare, unaware of what’s out there

Damn, I feel my mind expand, cuz I don’t really understand

Where we stand as man, on this land

Simple human beings walking about

No where in particular, east, west, north or south

Trying to make our own route, and every day counts

And I ain’t never understood what death is about

Life’s a sad song, filled with bright poems

One minute you’re there, the next minute you’re gone

And racism, to my opinion, race should never create schisms

Black or white, in the night, we’re the same color

We share the same mothers, fight with the same brothers

So when we see others, we should see a little us in them

Look beyond the skin, you can find a friend

Know what, it’s really all about how you were brought up



I don’t understand, why we only see black or white

I don’t understand, why we divide and not unify

I don’t understand, I never did, I never will, I can’t

I don’t understand, I don’t, I don’t understand


And I will never understand all this poverty

Cuz as for me, there really ain’t nothing harder to see

I get blocked up, like grease in an artery

We got mothers on the streets, with their seeds, while honestly

Some spend Gs like they just won the lottery

That ain’t how it ought to be, it really bothers me

Part of me feels fatherly, responsibilities

Towards the poor kids, when I see them stranded

And I will never understand suicidal fanatics

The whole planet’s on the edge of their seats

When will the next bomb go off, because of beliefs

It’s just body after body, crazy kamikazes causing so much grief

But doesn’t god teach love, but we’d rather fight

So god damn caught up with the after life

What’s religion if it turns lethal

How could they kill Mahatma Gandhi of all people

It’s hard to find a man that’s more peaceful

Small man, with the big heart, taught that we’re all equal

Preached a non-violent environment

And that an eye for an eye with make the whole world blinded

So you see, believing in change, hard to do, when we shoot a saint


So easily I loose control, so easily I loose control

Too many things I can’t let go, too many things I can’t let go

And all I want to do is grow


14. I Don't Understand
Nickotymis ft. Dion D’Cunha  


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