Earth Tourist (2013)

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Nickotymis Earth Tourist

EARTH TOURIST featuring Laurence LB

Some come, change the world forever, laureates, poets, inventors

Many wanna be remembered, others stay low key

Remaining unknown treasures, but we all leave a trail behind

That someone in the future can find

An heirloom passed down for years

A carving in a rock written I was here

We’re earth tourist, capable of most beautiful things

And all sorts of horrors, we’re explorers

Soldiers competing for natural resources

Mother Nature doesn’t hate us, even though she’s an earth shaker

So we can’t blame her, every time the earth shakes

It was never ours in the first place

Can you believe we’re rotating around the sun

In a gigantic universe, I always dreamed

I could stare at the world from above

See the globe as one home we should love

See earth, while staring at the stars man

Like Tarzan, looking at a far land

We’d feel like we should combine forces

Seeing we are all earth tourist




When will we see, from the smile of a child

To the color we bleed, we are the same

Born in a world, yeah this is our home

What are we fighting for


Have you sat by the ocean side, and wonder what lurks inside

Must be the deepest of secrets it hides

All mysteries are decreasing with time

Cuz we’re discovering all on this earth

And not only that, also how they work

Technology evolves so rapidly, I wish I could see far in the future

We came a long way, some will say we went the wrong way

Nah, every road has its cracks, but in the end every road is a path

That enables us to learn from the past

Exposed to the bad, so we grow and adapt, if we stay smart

No telling how far we’ll go with the wind in our backs

You know, sometimes I just freeze up, I disappear in a crowd

And I watch people walking around

Going about their daily business, and it hits me like wow

Race, religion lose their importance

As well as geographical borders, when you stop and view

The world around you, thinking we are all earth tourist




In my darkest dreams, I see the world fall down right in front of me

Will it come true, if we continue to walk this line

What will we leave behind

Immigrating from the womb, migrating to the tomb

Think about our beautiful home as a hotel room

Keep in mind, that someone else, will use it too

Not a day goes by, without birth and dying

So we say hello, as we say goodbye, it’s the way it goes

So it’s best you try, to ignore the bumps, and enjoy the ride

You know how incredible it is

That this human race is alive right now

So let us all put our hands in the air

All together now shout I was here

So I salute my fellow earthlings, it’s a pleasure coexisting, and

Sharing this planet that’s so gorgeous, signing off the earth tourist


1. Earth Tourist
Nickotymis ft. Laurence LB  

OPEN MIND featuring Ashley King

We take this planet for granted, we take advantage of it

Even if the damage caused, is a good reason to panic

Real havoc is automatic if we continue to live with these bad habits

What’s really tragic, how we can so passively accept

Any idea, that was passed on to us, and I imagine

It’s the reason why the truth, is skewed, by the masses

Irrational actions, and you never actually

Actively seek to understand

That’s the beauty about being a human being

You can change your mind, based on what you’ve done and seen

Don’t get it confused, the real issue has little

Or nothing to do with the path you choose

It’s how you chose that path that needs to be reviewed

You’re only one in the world that you can’t fool

You can cruise through life, and abide to

Any ideal presented to you, and then again

You can choose to find the route, to an absolute truth

Only a fool could refute

Open mindedness, prevents blindness, of any kind, it’s horrifying

How we can be so closed minded, as to closing our eyes

With a blindfold on, in case some light shines in




Keep an open mind, and in time, you will find, your answers

Leave the world behind

Don’t be scared to let go and embrace new

Keep looking for the truth, don’t give in

Keep searching for you

Once you block out the fog, then everything will come to light


And if I could, I would read every book, thank goodness

For all the literary output, incredible minds

Give us a different outlook, so look around

Get your state of mind shook

Life is about doubt, challenge yourself, it’ll help

Cuz you may, or may not be on the right route

Look for the truth, pursue, and you’ll find out

You’ll be in the dark, if you blow the lights out

If you’re lost in the woods, and suddenly

You come to realise the right way to go

I really doubt you’d say hey, I came all this way

So I’ma stay, on my previous road, Nah

Cuz one step in the right direction, one of reflection

Is better than many miles spent

On a quest that you’ve never questioned

Or second guessed, to put to test your intentions

Don’t go, with the popular flow, you’re in control

Take your paddle and row, I like to go at my own pace

It’s not a race to know, what’s the goal of our race

On the face of the globe, I guess to each his own

Physically we share a home, but mentally, we’re really all alone

Everybody needs a home, that we can belong to

Something set in stone that we can hold on to




At times it may seem like life, is a slippery steep slope

And when you’re slipping you’ll grab on to anything

Anything’s better than falling right, well not if you’re holding on

To a sharp or burning object, that can be more damaging

Sometimes you gotta let go, see what happens


They say curiosity killed the cat, a close minded ideology did that

Feeling alone, play back this song, remember what I told you

If you have people forcing you to live and think in a certain way

It’s a lie, it’s a lie, they only talk when they have no clue

And when you start thinking for yourself

And your sole concern is the truth

You break free from the ties, you’re walking in your own shoes

It’s a lie, it’s a lie, they only talk when they have no clue


2. Open Mind
Nickotymis ft. Ashley King  


I love you, I need you, I hate you

I’m in love with a fantasy, and she’s so hard to kill

If I’m happy in my insanity, then who cares what’s real

You’re like the substitute, of a real person

No scratch that, you’re an even better version

Simple image or a thought, can make you pop up and gain power

Just takes a spark, and you go off, like some gun powder

And I’m showered with debris, of imaginary realities

That fulfill my wants and needs

You know you suffer from delusion, no you’re not lucid

When you’ve come to the conclusion

A fantasy’s not an allusion, you forgot what you’re doing

Cuz your mind’s full of pollution

But back off please, she’s mine for the choosing

At times I like what you’ve become, you make me feel so lucky

You find me to be funny, you love me, how lovely

You cuddle up and hug me, I feel so warm and fuzzy

But when I need you most, you turn around and crush me




I’m in love with a fantasy, go ahead and laugh at me

I gave away my sanity, to be with you, but gradually

I’m losing all control, one more drop and the vase will overflow

Oh, why is it that love, got to be so difficult

One day it’s my birthday, next day it’s the worst day

All you do is hurt me, playing with fire, you will get burned

There’s no denying, when will I learn


It’s like you’re an entity, independent from me

But we’re related indeed, you were created from me

Kinda like I planted a seed, and you feed it with greed, lust

All types of diseases, can you imagine the tree

Now I’m inclined to understand how Frankenstein felt

I created a monster, now I’m crying for help

If I could only introduce ya, to my friends that would be cool

But who the hell am I trying to fool

I would look like a bloody looser

I find when I’m feeling confident, I need you less

Often it’s cuz I feel I can get what I want

Without having to conjure it, when your hold on me is moderate

I feel I can tolerate it, it gets harder when, I want you to live

That’s when you really got me gripped

You always change, you’re never the same

You’re like a word or a phrase in the telephone game

You used to be an angel, turned into the devil

You’re a rebel for the cause of keeping me unsettled




It’s a love and hate relationship, I suffocate

Cuz you’re a drug I love to take, I run away

But I’ll come back again, you’re the reason I’m a bachelor

I never feel I have to, go after anyone, as long as I have ya

Less than perfect’s not negotiable, I used to be more sociable

I used to be more tolerable, to normal human defaults

And now I’m revolted, when I hear a woman fart

Or a girl pick her nose, it brings disgust to my heart

It’s hard to build a parallel, to show how hollow

You really are, in truth, you’re the hoot, of an owl

You’re the shadow of a shadow, the sound of an arrow

You’re an ocean that is shallow, the remains of a pharaoh

It’s like I took different pieces of puzzles

Put them together, you’re like a castle

That got pummelled, tumbled, then crumbled down

And I go through the trouble, trying to rebuild from the rubbles

With my hands on a shovel, you’re trouble




3. In Love With A Fantasy

BACHELOR featuring Marie-Alice Depestre

I’ve been single for five years, never lacked the opportunities

But truthfully I got more than a few issues, you see

Attached and trapped are synonyms

That nervous adrenaline kicking in

When I think about being intimate

So many different reasons, are keeping me from believing

That being in a relationship can be convenient

You know lust, can make someone go nuts

I thought I was so tough, what, then we broke up

I woke up with a hangover

Felt like I got rolled over by a range rover

Since then I remain sober, so now, game over

No time for jokers, now we’re playing poker

Though my hand is real mediocre, I’m always concerned

I don’t want her to get hurt, I can’t immerge to flirt

Lift her skirt, then desert

And of course it sure works to get some action

But I’m asking, is it worth, creating pain for some passion




So tired, of feeling lonely, every time it’s the same story

I get to know your name, and that’s as far as it goes, why

I suppose it’s inevitable, and I wish I knew why

I can’t compromise

Hold your hand, and then I wanna let go, I get uncomfortable

Don’t wanna lose control


I know you like me, I know you like me

But I wanna know how long will you like me for

If I open up the vault, that involves

You looking at my defaults, and you might be appalled

So I only show you part of me, I build a wall, I resolve

To show you, what I want, keep the rest in the dark

I should check my medical files, perhaps the issue is physical

I got a rare blood type, that’s why I’m compatible

To a minimal amount of people

But really it’s just because I’m cynical

A pitiful, ridicule, bitter old man, so miserable

So the real question is, am I suffering more

From trying to avoid the pain, than the pain I would endure

If something should go wrong, hard to weigh the pros and cons

I’ve never been in love, except for once, and that bombed

If I ever start to like her, I get nervous and freeze up

And I know I got to ease up, but it leads up, that a try to be the

Person I was prior to liking her, back when I was smooth

Despite being beside of her, I’m dying to make her mine

How do I like her and stay smooth, at the same time

Perhaps the type of girls I go for, are like wild horses

They feel cornered, and take off, like a Ford Taurus




No one knows where this road is gonna lead

No matter who you are, you can never set me free

Oh no, I don’t wanna lose control, take my chances on my own

Now I’m stuck here all alone


How do I know I don’t lust you

How do I know I can trust you

You got me open, I’m filled with emotions

There ain’t no way of knowing, where you and me are going so

How do I know if I love you, if I love you


Yet, yet, yet, yet, yet let’s not forget that, settling for less

Is for the lonely, the desperate, the desolate, connecting with

The perfect chick, is hard to get

Especially when you’re picky like me, cuz when I see a girl

I dissect her in sections, a full scale inspection

Detect what I like, as well as what needs corrections

Analyse her complexions, possessions, and I know

To expect perfection, will affect ones perception

It’s also vice versa, cuz the first thing that I do

If I like her, I curse my personality

Exaggerate the gravity of my flaws

As well as the extent of our disparities

Tragically that mind state will systematically

Leave you to die alone, like in a Shakespeare tragedy

But honestly, there’s got to be, a lot of people like me

With the same psychological anomalies




4. Bachelor
Nickotymis ft. Marie-Alice Depestre  

JOURNEY featuring Dion D’Cunha

It started as an itch, something that I could scratch

Turned into something I couldn’t rid, it became a rash

I felt restrained, enchained, when every day is the same

You tend to blame, the environment in which you hang

I’m young and I’m eager to see the world, I wanna go so

What are you waiting for, and suddenly

A decent sum of money, only obstacle in front of me

Preventing me, to leave the country, so I tell my parents the news

They’re cool, they’re like you can do what you like

Alright, put school aside, bye bye

Travelling is all I care for, but in order to pay for it

I work at the airport, storing luggage

And I’ve come to know that money seems, less material

When it’s made to accomplish a goal that’s spiritual

There it goes, another plane taking off and I wonder

Where is it going to, departing or arriving, they all look the same

Either smiling, laughing or crying, but faces never blank



Wherever I go, I know that my home’s not far behind

If you’re willing to grow, then you gotta open up your mind


I’ve heard of poverty, I’ve heard of pick pockets

And tourist robberies, but that’s far from bothering me cuz

Evil is everywhere, but here I’m unaware

I don’t care, nothing really out of the ordinary

Of course I’ve got doubts, but they’re easy to kill cuz

If I don’t go I will, regret it all my life, why, cuz the time is right

You’re wasting the juice in the fruit

If you don’t bite it when it’s ripe

My search is done, for the first time I’m immerged

In a purpose that gives my life worth

And you know a dream hurts, if it never works out

But if it’s at your doorstep, then you’re about to burst out

My back pack is packed now, gotta compress it, to zip it up

But I’d rather bring too much than not enough

I thought of all of the things, that a foreigner ought to bring

I bought a harmonica, cuz I’ve always wanted to play

Tomorrow’s the big day, spread the map across my laps

Now it’s different, when I look at it, I see myself walking in it



Wherever I go, I just wanna feel like I belong

I’ve waited so long, I just want to live

Instead of thinking about it, and that’s why I


And I wanna go somewhere, and I wanna tell somebody

And I wanna go somewhere, then you will find yourself (2x)


Today’s the day, I can’t believe I’m at the airport

Without my working clothes, nope, but hopefully my passport

And yesterday, I didn’t sleep a peep

I was up all night fantasizing, fantasies are cheap cuz

Every fantasy, is afraid of actuality

They’ll fade gradually, whenever faced with reality

But now it’s the real deal, ticket in my hand

On the road to be a man, gonna stand, on some foreign land

Checking in my luggage, wow, what a change of scenery

For the first time, somebody else is envying me

Give a hug to my parents, I promise I’ll phone home

If I feel alone, roaming on my own

Eighteen, on the verge to live my dream

So excited that I think I could scream


5. Journey
Nickotymis ft. Dion D’Cunha  


Yeah, I’m not saying I’m the king of the universe

I’m not saying I’m superior

But I’m better than you, yeah, I’m better than you

I said it twice, so let it be true

You’re like me, but when I was two


Hot diggidy dang I’m feeling good man

Like I’m indestructible so, go ahead with your sticks and stones

Break bones, then leave me alone, on my kings throne

I’m in the zone, every syllable, potent, carefully chosen

Spoken by a man doped up, on a powerful drug

Chemical reactions, caused by past actions

My karma, must be perfect, cuz I’m feeling fantastic

Better not do nothing drastic, power is tempting

And it’s everlasting, well at least for me

I’m goin live for at least ten centuries

Plant seeds, in every ovary, over here, and overseas

So when I’m deceased, there will be a grand feast

For this legendary, non-ordinary man

In his own category, I’m getting mentally horny

Thinking about people that will cry for me

Holy, all attention solely, for me, oh glory, what a treat

Pumps strength from my heart like an artery



Could I have a word, attention boys and girls

You wanna reach me, not easy

I’m busy, chillin on top of the world

So high, I can’t come down, both my feet are off the ground

Even though I know, it won’t last for long

I can’t hear what you’re talking about

Sitting here on top of a cloud

You gotta speak louder little girl cuz,

I’m chillin on top of the world

So hype, I can’t calm down, got no time to clown around

And before I know it, I’ll be underground


I’m not egocentric, I’m eccentric, I’m electric, I suspect

In respect to perfection, I should be elected as president

Let’s erect a statue of me, that way everybody can see

It would stand so beautifully, it can never match the beauty of me

These fools talk about evolution

Well when they came to that conclusion

They forgot to analyse me, cuz I don’t come from no stinking apes

It’s likely that I reincarnate, it’s a metaphysical thing

My physical changes, remaining is a man with balls

To make entire, ancient, empires fall

Damn, I’m looking good man, so hot, if you launch me, on a rocket

And I bend over, turn my bum to the sun, I give the sun, a sunburn

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all

Usually I’d have to say you but eeww dude I can see your balls

Oops let me cover them up, better




Imagine me, getting fanned by, five ladies, another grape please

Hmm tasty, another pastry, you didn’t say please

Don’t make me, I’m sorry your majesty, aahhh, what a great fantasy

Until the day my dream becomes reality, I will

Walk around town with my chest out, wearing the best outfit

To impress counts, a gigantic amount while I’m strolling around

Look at me, Nickotymis, pound for pound

Around me, people converge

The way the moon rotates around the earth

My energy makes so much gravity

I’ve become the center of the universe

Don’t mean to throw a silly fit, but it really is a pity

That I’m not a ruler from above, because of lineage

Any idiot can be a king, me, all I’m lacking is royal blood

I’m like a millionaire with no money, ladies man with no honeys

You think that’s funny

I don’t need no excuse to feel good trust me


6. Top Of The World


Life is a road we walk alone, if you’re lucky

A few people tag along, help you carry on

Make you feel at home, so you don’t feel like a vagabond

Never underestimate the value of a true friendship

Since my adolescence, I scratched a few names, off my friend list

I’m nearly friendless but, to my defense it’s senseless

When you gotta keep a fence up, in defense, you’re my friend cuz

I can let loose, we hold no secrets, no defence mechanisms needed

A true brother, with few others, do my true colors come out

Most of all dawg, I can say that I love you

Cuz I like the person I can be when I’m with you



You don’t need to feel lonely, I got your back you get mine

I’ve never had a friend like you, you’re one of a kind

Don’t know where to go, pick up the phone, anytime

If you don’t see, I’m as true as can be

Then I believe that you’re blind


Rush to be at your side, if you were hospitalized, when I arrive

It feels so hospitable, why, for me, you’d do the same

Together we double the joy, divide the pain

I won’t only help you, when your life’s in danger

In that scenario, any decent folk would help a stranger

Though few do it, if you give me your word, can I hold you to it

Any issue, we settle it, there and then

I’d rather hit you, diss you, than hold it in

We goin fight at times, it’s all love in the end

No grudges, between friends

Come to me when you’re tripping, I might be lacking words

But I promise I’m listening, under one condition

You’re willing to keep it real with me, now listen

Honestly don’t be scared of hurting me

Yeah it hurts at first, but it works like a surgery

Gets worst if you lie, so it’s worth it see

Nothing’s free, you wanna keep it real, between you and me

Then you’ve got to pay the fee

First guy to get on your butt, when you mess up

First one to confront, whoever messes with ya




If I no longer meet your needs, will you still be a friend to me

You see we tend to place those we meet into categories

Friendship is a term that works by degrees

And what pleases, when you find someone

You can trust with a secret, but if respect takes a back sit well

Then we diverge and the friendship decreases

Until it reaches, the point that it ceases

And that bond between us, falls to pieces

We go through changes, if you got a goal

Then you got to let go, in order to attain it

We speak the same language, put the same things in our sandwich

But it’s not enough, far from it

You wanna play in the hills, I wanna reach the summit

Now if you goin spend your time with a dude

Then you gotta make sure they don’t, remember this now

Get in the way, of what you want to do

In other words, they should help you grow

It’s not personal, every person knows

The road they got to follow, and I know

If you ain’t compatible with that, you’re making me sidetrack

The fact is, you ain’t pushing me on, then you’re pulling me back

It’s time to adapt, I didn’t evolve to scratch my balls

With Neanderthals, winter, spring, summer or fall

I won’t stall to come whenever you call

Come on take my hand, put your trust in me man

I know what’s best for you, I do the best that I can

You should never put a person lower or above you

Or in a position they got to help, cuz they love you

Love dies, if it’s not returned, or even worse not recognized

I won’t lie, it pisses me off ,when you get soft and start to drift off

Every line you cross, is a stab to the heart

When you get lost, it brings me in the dark

Only if you knew, every dumb action that you do

Doesn’t only hurt you, and I can’t hold your hand for you

And I can even much less be a man for you

It’s up to you to understand what you have to do


7. Friendship

DIE ANYWAYS featuring Michael Ben

Man, sometimes you want something so bad

You’re scared to lose it, and you ain’t even got it yet

I don’t even know if that makes sense, damn


Does she know how you feel

That I’m down yeah, but not that I’m head over heels

So you’re keeping it a secret

That’s right man, so hush up now, you better keep it

Tell me what’s the use

I’m waiting for the right moment to come

Are you sure that she’s the one

 It’s a gut feeling, one that grows evermore appealing

Did you try to take it slow

Yeah that’s a dead road, I’ve been doing that from the get go

Being patient, waiting for a miracle

But that same old story’s starting to get old

And around around you go

It’s a merry go round, how do I make it slow down

Tell me what you’re waiting for



Time flies, and I’m sad to say

Another day’s up, still haven’t found a way

I see the prize, but the road is gray

But hey, I’m goin try anyways

Another dream of her, I wake up, stay up, feeling wide awake

And contemplate, on what moves should I make

But why wait, I’m goin die anyways


What have you got to lose

Only the hope that one day she’ll be down if I make a move

So you’re scared that she’ll refuse

Scared nah, petrified is a better word to use

You win if you try

I can’t lie to myself, I’ll die if I fail, I need a guide

So listen to your heart

What, I’m suppose to find love, in a muscle that pumps blood

There’s a time to move on

Perhaps, I don’t know if she’s holding me back

But when you look at the facts well, she was the last one

I went for, and that was a while back

So many other girls in the world

But this one’s a little bit, different, now it’s time

To let her know that you’re alive




It’s too late to surrender, you know you can’t forget her

Go fight for what you believe in, or keep on dreaming

So sad my tactics are so wack, go to attack

Freeze up and pull back, I just want to let her know that

I’m a hell of a lot better than most fellas

I remember when I first met her, she looked plain to me

Like an old sweater, like any other cold weather day in November

No signs or trace, of the four l.o.v.e letters, how did it happen

I can’t tell ya, all I know for sure is I can’t forget her, and

I should know better, and go get her

I won’t let her go, if I do, it’s forever

You’re in love with a dream

Yeah I see what you mean, like

It may seem like the reason I don’t hit the green light

But you know what, what, you may be right

If you wanna know the truth

Then I guess there’s one thing left to do

Then you gotta make a move




8. Die Anyways
Nickotymis ft. Michael Ben  


I wanna rebel, but not against nobody, or society

But against the laws that oblige our bodies

To degrade, hey, it’s not about me

Your folks are growing old, it makes life kinda cloudy

The clock is always ticking, ticks are always tocking

Sick of it, can’t stop it, cuz it’s death knocking

And I can choose not to answer, but it’ll come back as cancer

If I’m to rise, I feel like every rhyme

Needs to be justified, if this goin be my year

I realised to commercialize, I don’t gotta tell lies

To appeal to the public ear

Why do I fear the public’s eye, I’m mortified

A guy that’s so shy, to hear that somebody feels me, I swear

Is it because I’m indifferent, or lacking confidence

I get a compliment, bottle it up, then vomit it




Oh I’m feeling rebellious, my whole life, I`ve never felt like this

And no I, won`t make much difference but shit, I still gotta rebel

This music, is like my therapist, screw that, best remember that

This is my track, all right, so I`m being rebellious


When you’re a product of evolution, no fair conclusions

Keep moving, but keep your mind lucid

We get confused cuz ignorance is bliss

I prefer the harsh truth, the words of an atheist

What can they say to diss an atheist

Using education to explain the state of your radius

Welcome to the 21st century, technology

Is readily, available, to those who wish to see

I can’t believe all the grocery stores

That compete within a small region, what we need are regulations

On how much food is being made available, for a local population

Too much of it is wasted, in order to replace it

We chopping down trees, and raise animals to slay them

Worst than the cave man, take what you want

But eat what you take man




I was given the proper tools to use, so I could learn how to think

Never told what to think, that would have put me out of sync

Some raise their child, but instilling fear, throughout the years

Hand up the asshole, professional puppeteers

Apparently some parents were never supposed to be

Only are, cuz it’s so trendy, socially

Provide the groceries, teach them some recipes

Then let them be, so they can decide, what they wanna eat

Ask me if I rap I say, I rap literature

Why is that I say, did it occur, that some differ, from him and her

Prefer not to use vulgar words, that like worms

Feed a flock of shitting birds

Mind games, messing with our mind frame

But times change, you can’t manipulate a wise brain

Take people for stupid, boom, a revolution

Younger generation educated




9. Rebellious


Messing up is easy while wisdom has to be earned

So, minimize mistakes it takes to gain one lesson learned

You get burned, you get up, and you try and find the reason why

Next time you attack, with a more strategic mind

There’s a difference between being realistic and optimistic

Realistically understand, with every risk

There’s a chance that you fail, so hell, don’t fantasize

Can’t jump off a cliff, and expect you goin fly

But in my situation it’s not do or die

It’s something I die to do, so it’s worth a try

I can live with the feeling of failing to reach a goal

But to not know if I could of, is harder to swallow

It appears, last year, that I got over my commitment fear

Fell in love, but she wasn’t down, she made that crystal clear

The leap was big, so the injury was more severe

Be prepared I’ll get ya, but first I’ll take care of my career




Though it’s hard to admit it but, every time I’m inches from my goal

I get cold feet, frozen and rigid, I consider the obstacle

And then I pivot, even if in my heart I know, I should have did it

I sit down for a minute, and think of where I’m headed

I don’t wanna make decisions later on I will regret it

I don’t wanna look back, and wonder what if, by then

I’ll be way too old to start over again


And deep inside I know I ain’t meant to teach or do commerce

I love to write a verse, but reluctant to do a concert

Never liked attention see, sit in my cubical

Lyrical emcee writing beautiful musical poetry

Without publicity, how will they notice me

And even if it reaches their ears, how will they know it’s me

I’m low key, like the phantom of the opera

I’ll be glad if I spot ya, bopping your head, I’ll know I got ya

And I got a lot of doubts, first album just came out

Shoved it aside, started to write, that’s all that counts

I know what you’re thinking, I can tell by your look

Dude, why’d you do an album, when you should of wrote a book

Cuz it feels right, that’s right, never felt a kind of real vibe like it

I couldn’t describe it, even if I did try

Pros and cons whispering in my ear yo

Like what if you fail, yeah, but what if you don’t




Let me get that good beat from you, gotta get that adrenaline hype

Start to feel like I’m doing something that’s real, honest and true

Wanna make that good stuff for you, gotta make my money back too

But it better take more than papes to deviate this mind from the truth

How do I know that I’m keeping it real, secluded in my room

My mind is polluted, I’m confused on how I feel

Seriously, I’m not made for this industry

I listen to the radio, and what they’re playing yo

I know that isn’t me, and I ain’t goin switch my style up

Cuz all I know is reality, if the ship is going down

The captain’s going down with dignity

With two albums out and I’m proud of it

But I made little money out of it

Now now does that mean that I didn’t succeed

All I can do is plant a seed, care for it, tend to its needs

What grows out of it, is not entirely up to me

The products there, but will it satisfy their tastes and needs

One way to find out, is to come out, with a masterpiece




10. Taking Risks

I WAS HERE featuring Ashley King

I swear, one too many moments go by, where I forget I’m alive

Sun goes down, sun then rises, every day is a new surprise

Now get up off of that ass boy, what more could I ask for

Nothing, it appears, cuz I,I,I,I was here


Right now, you alive and, right now, you can die man

Right now you occupying a place in history, you defying

All odds, think of all the things that had to happen

For you to be listening to me rapping, hard to imagine

Now I’m asking, do you appreciate, every breath you take

Live each day in a sacred way

Of course not, that’s unrealistic obviously

But I would say that, once in a while, put aside your trials and

Tribulations, that you’re facing, realise how, how amazing

You’re standing right here, rotating on a sphere

At any moment, any one human on it, can disappear

Just disappear, another reappears, whatever shape or form

Once we’re born, we hold on to life cuz

We are, natural phenomenon, we carry on surviving

Trying to draw the line, between right and wrong

All species, that surround you, are we equal in value

Survival of the fittest, you’re an example, and a witness




At times I forget how lucky I am to be alive yeah

Can’t believe that, I got to see the world, for privileged years

So when it’s time to go, no goodbye tears

Incredible, that I,I,I,I was here

This is the greatest show, and we all play a role

We play a role now

Go play your own now, go play your own now

I got a feeling that, people will grow, cuz I,I,I,I was here


Are you wasting your life, if you don’t give a damn about it

Look at you you’re alive, and that’s for you to see

Are you wasting your life, if you don’t give a damn about it

Look at you you’re alive, and that makes you unique

How many times I fantasised living forever

Only to realise I didn’t do shit all this week

As the world turns, I shall leave no stones unturned

Where do I start now, go ahead and hug your mother

Tell a secret crush you love her

Take a trip on a boat, put every poem that I ever wrote

In a golden chest, throw it overboard, let it sink to the depth

Where the best secrets are kept, let it rest and attest to the fact

That I was here, in the flesh and I meshed with the best of them

Representing men, a world resident

In the end, what you do is key

Cuz you plant a seed, for the future to reap

Go ahead and trace, your name in a lake, it’ll soon dissipate

But take a chisel and scribble your name on a rock

And I bet it’ll stay for a few decades




One life then bye bye, and there really ain’t no way around it

You can delude your mind, a popular technique

One life then bye bye, and there really ain’t no way around it

Life, is it not enough of a gift, and yet we’re still looking for

Justice, to justify why we live and die, that’s why it’s vital

Stop asking why, understand the how, pick up a book

Not just the bible, what’s most important yo

I want the world to grow cuz I WAS HERE


11. I Was Here
Nickotymis ft. Ashley King  


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